Kenosha County Courthouse & Molinaro

Project Background

Kenosha County Courthouse is part of the National Register of Historic Places (NHRP #82000677) and part of the Civic Center Historic District (NHRP #89000069). It’s grand, neoclassical exterior walls are made from Bedford (Indiana) Limestone. The structure comprises an entire city block and has been in continuous use since opening in 1924. The extensive exterior envelope was in need of repairs and replacement elements to continue its long-term use.

Markets Served: Municipal/Government , Technical

Rigorous survey of the limestone walls, courtyard, roof, and skylights of the building

Evaluated the structural systems of the walls and monitored for movement to determine long-term solutions.

Field testing of cleaning techniques for the limestone cladding and pointing mortar

Exterior limestone restoration that patched damaged stones through full-face dutchman, dressing in situ, and crack repair

100% repointing

Restored historic skylights

Complete Roof Replacement

Provided remedial repairs to eliminate leaking conditions

Sitework, granite stair and stoop repairs, and new railings provided

A comprehensive project served through full time construction observation and administration


The damage to the building varied across the building. The parapets, stairs, and stoops were entirely deconstructed and rebuilt to set the elements in plumb and provide the appropriate structural repairs. Structural and stone repairs were provided with helical anchors and stitch repairs. Through the dedicated survey and full-time construction administration by the design team, this extensive exterior rehabilitation was able to salvage 94% of the existing stone. All of the work was able to be accomplished without disturbing the judicial process occurring within the building.

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Extensive exterior limestone façade restoration 

Roof replacement with skylight restoration

Fully functioning courthouse project completed without interrupting to judicial process

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In addition to bringing a high of degree of technical expertise and thoroughness to these projects — one of the most critical skills ICA brings to the table, is their ability to develop extremely thorough project bid specifications.”

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