Grant County Courthouse

Project Background

Grant County Courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is generally considered to be the finest example of county courthouse design in Wisconsin. The exterior walls of the classical revival style building are made of Lake Superior Red Sandstone. The architect for the courthouse built in 1902 was Armand Koch (Milwaukee) the designer of a large number of prominent buildings throughout Wisconsin.

Markets Served: Municipal/Government , Technical

Preliminary condition assessment

Failure investigation

Measured baseline drawings

Critical façade examination

Rehabilitation design documentation • Bidder prequalification

Bidding phase services

Structural analysis and monitoring • Sub-grade waterproofing

Stone restoration drawings and specifications

Construction phase services - comprehensive


Researched and reviewed archival documentation

Developed baseline drawings of the exterior

Performed a detailed condition investigation of the exterior of the building

Evaluated the structural systems of the walls and monitored for movement

Prepared drawings and specifications for the exterior stone restoration

Provided continuous on-site documentation and observation of the work

As part of the construction observation phase of the restoration, prepared daily field reports, photographs and computer-based as-built drawings as a permanent record of the work

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Grant County 21

National Register of Historic Places Building #78000096

Fully functioning courthouse, project completed without interrupting the judicial process 

Complete building enclosure restoration and modernization of security, lighting and associated services 

Coordination with the SHPO and NPS 

Meticulous documentation of existing 

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