Indoorance Athletic Club

Project Background

This project provided an adaptive reuse project of the Former Madison Music Foundry Building to a triathlon training athletic facility. The owner was seeking a new business type run through a cooperative of six different business entities. The integration of the program elements and the existing facility presented their own challenges and opportunities.

Project Type: Commercial
Markets Served: Interiors

Rigorous survey of an existing building

Integration of the program: two endless exercise pools, coffee/protein shake café, bike repair shop, yoga studio, cool-down sensory-containment rooms, weight room, and a high altitude room

Structural remediation to accommodate first floor pools

Careful coordination of new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and communications within the existing building

Complete remodel with modern aesthetics

3D modeling and renderings

Comprehensive services through construction administration


This high-profile project renovated an existing building to be a show piece for innovative fitness programs, even opening the front of the building with glass to “expose” the activity within and acts as a “beacon” at night. The intensive program required highly refined mechanicals, services, and coordination to meet proper temperature, humidity, and even oxygen levels to the various work-out rooms. Technology and a/v equipment played a critical player for high-tech scheduling and equipment programming. The interiors are vibrant and highlight the excitement of this new business type.

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Innovative Triathlon Training Athletic Facility and business co-op 

Adaptive Reuse project with a complete renovation 

Coordinated extensive MEP systems within an existing building 

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