Misty Wiegel
Marketing Coordinator / Graphic Designer / Database Technician

Misty has several roles at ICA, including Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Designer, and Database Technician. Misty uses her creative side and leads the marketing efforts at InSite through printed media, digital media, and social media. She leads the proposal package efforts as well as the company’s branding, brochures and presentations. Misty's role also includes database creation, management, and maintenance for varying types of projects. She manages complex data-based projects that encompass all aspects of data collection in the field, database creation based on the client’s needs and objectives, data entry, data analyzing and reporting. Her attention to detail and building enclosure knowledge has been instrumental in helping InSite to retain bids that have come within 1% of budgeted costs on multi-million dollar projects. Misty enjoys being physically active at the gym or in nature, traveling and reading.